Troop 51 MUST BE FUN!
Being a part of Troop 51 will be a meaningful experience.

Boys will:

  • Learn life skills
  • Create great memories
  • Learn leadership skills
  • Build relationships
  • Learn resourcefulness

Troop 51 will:

  • Be an enabling environment
  • Outdoor focused and use the natural world as our classroom
  • Live the Patrol Method, because "it is the only method"
  • Be boy-led
  • Emphasize the building of Leaders (advancement will natually follow.)
  • Focus on relationships with the boys as INDIVIDUALS- limited troop size
  • Learn through experience and making mistakes
  • Teach and demand respect and appreciation of our Flag and our Country
  • Allow God to be present in all that we do. 
  • Remember that diversity is strength... differing opinions and ideas should always be welcomed and embraced

Boy Scout Members of Troop 51 will:

  • Live the Scout Oath and Law
  • Be kind... NO BULLYING
  • Always follow BSA guidelines and principles
  • Be trained (NYLT, NAYLE)

Leaders of Troop 51 will:

  • Be trained (Wood Badge, ITOLS, BSALT, PTC, PLC)
  • Only be safety nets
  • Remember our motto: "It's all about the Boys" and never forget: "It's just oatmeal"
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